Swiss Footgolf Tour 2018

Winners 2018

Women : Virginie Gastel
Classement féminin
Men : David Mancino
Classement masculin
Senior : Hervé Cousin
Club : Veyrier Footgolf
Classement des clubs
Double : Samuel Bosson
Classement double


Thanks to her victory in the final, Virginie Gastel retains her Swiss title, beating Elodie Bosson by only 2.5 points. It was a fierce and suspenseful duel until the last hole. These two players are qualified for the World Cup.

Lucile Rochat completes this podium which looks great as it is composed exclusively of Swiss champions or former Swiss champions. Barbara Dos Santos, despite her impressive regularity, is at the foot of the podium in front of Samirah Sbai who ends the season in great shape.


The long-awaited duel quickly turned to the advantage of David Mancino. Despite his fiery last 6 holes, Vincent could not claim the title. After a title in 2016, Mancino is again crowned Swiss champion in front of his main rival this year, Vincent Huber. The Swiss vice-champion is finally rewarded with a podium after a magnificent season. Finally, it is Lionel Jacot who completes this beautiful 2018 podium. The 4th musketeer, Fred Simoes, finished at the foot of the podium in front of Octavio Rodrigues again in the top 5.

Patrick Huber, Maxime Schumacher, Julien Babel, Thomas Sarrazin and Samuel Bosson complete the top 10.

Adding Elliot Beck, David Barbey, Fabio Dos Santos, Adriano Piccoli and Damien Santier, you have the players qualified for the World Cup.

Added to this are the spots freed by the Swiss players ranked in the top 20 of the World Tour on November 21st. To date, 3 spots are available. Thus, Ricardo De Almeida, Thierry Savioz and Julien d’Espine are reliant on international results. It seems very likely two spots are secured.


Herve Cousin from Footgolf Club Gessien is, as expected, in front of JF Ducry. Both are qualified for the World Cup. Antonio Simoes completes the podium.


Sam Bosson wins the Swiss Footgolf Tour in pairs and is thus the Swiss champion of the category! What a pleasure to see him win a title, he who was crowned Swiss individual champion in 2013.

In the second position, we find Gessian Yohann Dewilde followed by Swiss Vice-Champion David Barbey. Finally, the third Swiss ranked is Octavio Rodrigues.


It will remain forever etched in the history of Swiss footgolf with the first title of Swiss club champion awarded to Veyrier Footgolf who dominated the entire season from drives to putts. Lausanne Footgolf is vice-champion in front of Geneva Interstar Footgolf. The introduction of the clubs has created a beautiful emulation that we look forward to seeing again in 2019.

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